Why need Quality Control?
Quality implies too many parameters - difficult to cover for a non-specialized company. HCG is a legally established Flower Quality Control company with highly skilled staff - in Ecuador, Colombia and USA.
Quality Representative
In Ecuador and Colombia - let us be your Quality Representative, your eyes and voice. In Quality Issues - HCG will be always on your side and will always backup your choices and decisions.


Only qualified

HCG highly skilled professionals check the load very carefully,
reducing possibility of money-time-image loss due
to the arrival of the flower in poor conditions.


High Control Group

  • 01
    More than 15 years on the market - High Control Group is a company that has been working in Ecuador since 2001 and in Colombia since 2013 and now in USA.
  • 02
    Specialized staff in 3 countries - We have staff in Ecuador, Colombia and USA willing to offer the best attention and the best service.
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    Quality Control Services form the bases of long-term customer relationships and profitability
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    Reports in customer’s prefered language (Russian, English, Spanish)
+ 200
Satisfied clients
+ 1500
Boxes checked each week

Ease of Operation

  • Our offices are located in Tababela Airport (Quito), which facilitates our technical operations
  • Operative personnel in Bogota and Medellin, Colombia
  • Operative personnel in Miami, FL, USA

"Finally I found this company, that has the same goal as my company - and it is Quality! In a competitive race, my product is constantly compared with million others, and only Quality Assurance from HCG helps me to overcome my customers expectations and go ahead of my competitors."
Italian Customer
"Post-harvest assesments from professional High Control Group agronomists became a primary milestone towards the growth of my farm. We were able to discover our failures, correct them with the help of HCG and now we serve better our customers, thus enforcing our commercial relationships."
Colombian Farm
“Excellent support, fast and very effective. The team is wonderful, our flower always improves its quality and we our profits.”
Ecuadorian farm
“Amazing fast and reliable customer support! The team of professionals are willing to go an extra mile for customer service! Thanks!”
USA Customer
"The possibility to delegate such an important and delicate issue as Quality Control in Ecuador to the proffessionals in High Control Group helped me to release my usual tension on this subject, and also gave me more time - I have now much more confidence and time to win new clients and firm up the relationship with the older ones."
Denmark Customer
“We always receive the best service, clear reports and great support both on the farm and in the cargo.”
Russian Customer

We are your best Flower Quality Control - your strategic Business Partner

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