Quality Control F.A.Q.

Why do I need Quality Control Company? My staff can check the flower and take the pictures!
- Quality implies many parameters that are difficult to cover for a non-specialized company. Therefore, the most reasonable solution is to cooperate with a company, whose highly skilled staff carries out professional quality control. High Control Group is a legally established quality control company with offices in Ecuador, Colombia and USA, certified by BASC and has been in the quality control market for almost 20 years.
Which are the Parameters you follow for Quality Control?
Before the first control, we will ask the customer to send us the Parameters Letter, in which all the necessary conditions and rules will be marked out for all the controls – length, size, overall condition, etc. The parameters normally are ruled by market demands, according to the country, where the flower will arrive. In addition, we have vast experience and know all the international markets well enough, to sum this knowledge to the customer’s indications.
What is BASC? Why is it so important?
Customs and anti-narcotics police meticulously check any export from Ecuador and Colombia, in order to verify that there are no prohibited objects, transported in a hidden way inside the dispatch. High Control Group has BASC certification, which means our specially trained personnel will not allow any suspicious person to reach your boxes or any suspicious object to travel with your dispatch, thus avoiding you the legal problems. BASC certified High Control Group will keep your flowers safe and secure.
You checked my flower, but it arrived in bad conditions! Petals are falling, all rotten!
First, please remember the percentage of boxes we open for the control. It always leaves a certain margin of possibility that the main problem may occur in other, non-checked boxes. In second place, thanks to our control you have the solid proof that the flower was in great conditions before the dispatch. That means that the problem occurred during transportation – probably bad temperature chain management. This way you may claim Transport Company and we will back up your claim and help to avoid future failures.
How do I pay for your services?
We have possibility to receive payments through several channels. You may choose the one that fits you most: PayPal, bank transfer, bank check in Ecuador.
What is the cost of your Quality Control Services?
There is no unique defined cost for our services. We use personal approach for each customer and tailor the payment conditions to each one’s needs. First, we always need to know the weekly volume of flower dispatch, cargo agency, the percentage of boxes to be opened and the quantity of quality controls per week.
I buy only from Colombia – how do you check flowers there?
In Colombia, you can only make Quality Control on farms. Our professional highly skilled agronomist visits four farms per day. If you need more farms to be visited per day – we can offer you enough personnel to perform the service.
How soon do you send the Quality Control Report?
Every report is sent within 5 five hours after finishing the Quality Control. Usually you will receive it before 7 AM Ecuadorian time. In Colombia is the same – the agronomist visits the farms during all the day, prepares the report at night and you will receive it until 7 am of the next day, Colombian time.
I do not speak Spanish! How can I understand your reports?
Please feel free to choose the language of your communication! We have staff that speaks Russian, English and Spanish – so you can receive reports in any of these languages.
I need controls in Ecuador, Colombia and USA – that means three different payments?
High Control Group hast operational offices in Quito and the Airport (Ecuador), in Bogota and Medellin (Colombia), and in Miami, FL (USA) – we can reach the agreement and work under one sole payment fee for those three locations at the same time!
Do you have any other services?
High Control Group has a wide variety of services, related to quality: tests, consulting, packaging optimization, weight/volume rate control, and many others. Please Contact Us to learn more!