This service can be performed at FARMS and LOADING (CARGO) AGENCIES, to ensure compliance with quality standards that the client requires. The same way, our staff can carry out MARITIME CONTROLS to ensure the quality of the cargo to be dispatched by the ship.

CONTROL IN PORTS is our new service – to verify the cold chain and handling of the load. Also, we become representatives of the exporter before phytosanitary and narcotic controls. These state organisms usually perform routine checks, which can cause partial or total detention of the load.

We study the current processes on the Farms, in order to offer improvement alternatives with high impact on product quality but with a reduced implementation cost. We verify quality standards and create process manuals to industrialize quality systems.

Cost analysis is fundamental in this area. We specialize in reducing costs without impacting the quality of the product to be delivered to the final consumer.

It is always important to determine the behavior of a variety in the market. High Control Group has a vase life testing room, with appropriate conditions and key factors that have the greatest incidence on the flower (light, temperature and humidity). This way, we determine the performance of the variety in an environment similar to that which will be in its destination.

There are permanent improvements in chemicals – new and better products are invented. There is always study and evaluation phase to determine the changes and the impact. There are critical analysis factors and HCG is able to make independent technical evaluations to determine the degree of effectiveness of a product in the area to be evaluated.

In order to determine processes, cycles and their continuity, the decisions must be taken necessarily in a technical and objective way. For this reason, we have implemented a laboratory that helps us make the best decisions, based on real results of the evaluated circumstances.

Bacteriological Analysis

We enable newIt is performed by the water-matrix method, total coliforms will be counted. This analysis will be used in the postharvest area, it is useful to detect the bacteria found in the pre-cold and cold room solution.

Two samples are needed for this test: one initial (in the moment of solution preparation) and one at the end (rotation of the solution). Both samples taken in pre-cold and cold room to detect the bacterial level of the solution.

This analysis should be carried out at least once a month, for the bacterial level control, since it influences directly the vase lifetime of the flower.

Antagonist Test

This analysis is carried out to detect the efficiency of chemical products against diseases, especially against botrytis (botrytis cinerea sp).

To carry out this test, a native strain is obtained previously from the farm or the understudied area. The strain of botrytis will be obtained by leaving Petri dishes with specific nutriculture medium for fungi (PDA), in the cold room, for 10 to 12 hours, where the labors have stopped. After that time, those dishes will be sealed to incubate and obtain the strain of botrytis. Other way – is by wet button camera on the farm.

This analysis must be carried out at least every 3 months in order to monitor the used products, and while rotating products between crops and post-harvest.

Detection of Fungi in Cold Room and Environment

This test is complementary to the botrytis control (botrytis cinerea sp). In the environment, there is presence of spores and it is a source for pollution in the cold room area. The cold room diffusers are a source of spores and they increase the incidence of botrytis on the flower.

With this test, it is possible to detect the presence of fungal spores (especially of botrytis) and analyze the effectiveness of controls that the farm may be carrying out already with fumigations (fumiespore, exotermil), nebulizations, etc. The distribution of petrí dishes in cold room will be minimum every 100 m2 between each dish.

This test must be carried out at least twice a month during the winter and once a month in summer.

This service offers an independent evaluation with the same quality standards to all the evaluated farms. These farms can be positioned in a scale and thus be able to determine whether or not there is a degree of improvement. It is a comparison between the producers.

This service is done in a confidential manner (all farms have their own user and special number/nickname). The evaluation points are random – in the farm and the loading(cargo) agency. Evaluation can be performed in any week of the month, delivering reliable data for decision making.

Part of the Success and Good Quality is having trained personnel. High Control Group has extensive experience in educating and training personnel in general quality management issues (from measurement factors, to customer satisfaction).