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Results of Bad Handling of Flower Boxes during Transportation

Two most frequent claims we get, after the flower had been checked, dispatched and recieved at its destination, are: Botrytis (rotten flower) and Damage.

We have already talked about Botrytis issue. Now lets talk about mechanical damage, due to bad handling of flower boxes during Transportation and packaging.

For example – smashed buttons ocure due to excesive number of bunches in the box – an oversized box will not be transported correctly. Also it may ocure due to inadequate placing of the stems in the bunch. Another reason – too tight inner stripes or bad handling during charging-discharging of the boxes.

Bad Handling of Flower Boxes

The good new is – this quality issue is controllable during on-farm Quality Controls by our personnel. HCG team may visit up to 4 farms per day, per zone and properly advise about prevention and control of such damage.

On the other hand, Bad handling during transportation is barely controlable. You must blindly trast in your cargo agency and its personnel.

Because, no matter how excelent is the Quality of the Flower you buy or Quality Inspections HCG makes – one flat fall from the top of the pallet, and all you will receive – some very expensive petals for decoration of the wedding aisle and bathrooms.

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