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Weight-Volume Control and Packaging Optimization

Weight-Volume Control and Packaging Optimization

Weight-Volume Control and Packaging Optimization

The costing of air transport has led to widespread use of packing systems that are detrimental to good quality in flowers. Most airlines and other transport providers evaluate both dimensional weight; actual weight, and then use the greater of the two weights to bill you for the transportation costs. The greater of the two weights is also commonly referred to as ‘chargeable weight’. While executing the Weight-Volume Control and Packaging Optimization every day for several customers, we figured two main problems:

1. Producers over-pack their boxes.

The result is a rounded box that does not stack well, where the product, not the box, carries the load, which cannot be precooled effectively, and where the box can easily fail. Quality flowers result from packages where the box protects the flowers. Overpacked boxes cannot do that. The pressure to increase the number of flowers in the box explains the tendency to pack the flowers right up to the upper edge of the box. This defeats the forced air pre-cooling system, which depends on a 5-8 cm ‘plenum’ at each end of the box to distribute the cool air to all the flowers. Warm, bruised flowers, with a poor potential vase life are the inevitable result of this practice.

2. The opposite happens as well. Under-packed boxes.

Leaving too much space inside, letting the condensation to rule and spoil the inner packaging and, of course, the flower itself. The empty inner space also allows more mechanical damage on the flowers, as the box may bend inside and bruise the delicate buttons, as well as too loose bands may provoke the flower bunches to shake inside the box while handling. It also influences a lot on the final transportation cost – you will pay more for less flower.Weight-Volume Control and Packaging Optimization

SOLUTION: Flower boxes Weight-Volume Control and Packaging Optimization by High Control Group

High Control Group will evaluate the actual state of packaging, will measure the dimensions and weight your boxes, will calculate the perfect Weight-Volume ratio and will design your Ideal Box – everything you need to optimize your costs and let you receive the best quality flowers.

Let us be your Quality Representative in Ecuador, Colombia and USA – your business’ success is our main goal.

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