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Why do you need a Flower Quality Control

Why do you need a Flower Quality Control? – Five Solid reasons why

Flower Quality Control

Your customers need to count on the consistent quality of the flowers you provide. This way they will come back to your company for more. Consistent quality takes hard work, attention to detail and systems for monitoring and assessing whether the flowers you purchase from Ecuador and Colombia meet the standards you have set. High Control Group’s flower quality control is an ongoing, objective and measurable process, which touches everything from flower cutting and processing to packaging and temperature supervision.

Direct Providers Variability

Although you may buy your flowers from the most trustful farms, they will not always be able to offer you the same Quality. Many flowers behave differently in different packages, temperatures, weather conditions. High Control Group’s professionals will be constantly culling unsuitable items so they do not find their way into your customers’ hands.

No additional budged for Quality Control

Waste is expensive, and it is more likely to occur when you do not take quality control measures. Letting bad quality flowers fly will rise your final costs, because you will have to pay their transportation and customs and then throw away the damaged flowers. High Control Group’s flower quality control will filter only good quality flowers before they fly; this saves you the time and effort of backtracking and spending your time and money on frustrating claims for farms.

Customer Satisfaction

High Control Group’s flower quality control is a vital element in receiving the highest quality flowers from Ecuador and Colombia – that meet customer expectations. When your flowers are healthy, good looking, long vase life – you earn repeat business. This customer loyalty saves money on marketing and advertising by providing a steady revenue stream and earning you referrals, which cost nothing and can be particularly effective for bringing in new customers.

Avoid Liability

High Control Group’s flower quality control processes help your business avoid situations that cause harm to customers and lead to expensive liability claims. High Control Group has BASC certification – Secure Commerce ensures customer safety, saves your business money and averts damage to your reputation.

Show your customers special care

High Control Group’s flower quality control ensures provision of quality flowers, which is immensely helpful in attracting more customers, thereby increasing sales. It is greatly helpful in maintaining existing demand and creating new demand for the flowers you sell. It has been rightly pointed out that High Control Group’s flower quality control is a powerful instrument with the help of which your customers will feel and receive special additional treatment and care on your behalf.

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