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Price of a Rose for Russian Market

Let’s discover, which is the

Price of a Rose

you will pay as a Bulk Supplier at Russian Market

Once you have contacted a Farm in Ecuador, you will get a Price of a Rose, corresponding to the wholesale price from the farm for Russian Market. This price always depends on Variety, Length, Season of the year and Popularity of the variety.

Price of a Rose, russian market, quality control, roses

However, as you will see on the graphic above, this Price is only 25% of the final Price of a Rose, corresponding to the wholesale price for Russian Market. You will have to pay much more to receive the rose at your Shop or Warehouse.

Just imagine! If you often receive damaged/sick/wrong roses, you can for sure claim the Farm… Then you will recover just 25% of the total Price of a Rose for Russian Market… As on the other hand – you may lose up to 75% of your investment!

That is why, it is Vital for your business to work with us and ensure the best Quality of the flowers you buy in Ecuador and Colombia. With High Control Group you will not pay for transportation and customs of an inappropriate flower. You will be glad to discover that you pay fair Price of a Rose for Russian Market, which will arrive ready for retail!

Remember, High Control Group services will save your Money and, which is much more important – your Time and Prestige!

You may also contact us through any communication way that mostly suits you!

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