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Ecuadorian Roses always on top!?

Ecuadorian Roses always on top of the sales in the international markets.

Ecuadorian Roses always on topFlorists all over the world call Roses grown in Ecuador – as the most beautiful. Of the 400 varieties of roses growing on high-altitude plantations, each one is unique. A large bud and a long stem, unpretentiousness and endurance make these plants beloved in many countries worldwide. 515 million roses of various shapes and shades annually travel from Ecuador all over the planet.

Ecuadorian roses are unpretentious. They overcome huge distances without problems, but only with the correct transportation. Roses are disinfected and sorted according to various parameters. Ecuadorian rose the easiest one to transport. It can travel well without hydration for several days.

Ecuadorian Roses always on topTall roses are transported to Russia, because this is where they are valued. In the United States, roses are preferred on a shorter leg with a bud that has not opened yet.

In general, all the best roses in Russia come from Colombia and Ecuador. These are the countries able to grow roses properly and love them. But most important – these countries are able to organize the long distance transportation.

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