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Happy Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day should be one of the dates that people most expect to honor and prize the being that brought them into the world. In our country, this important festivity is celebrated every second Sunday of May, as in other places in the world such as the United States (USA), Germany, Venezuela, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Italy and Japan, among others.


The following recommendations for Mother’s Day flower gift have been taken from the following link https://www.bourguignonfloristas.es/

Flowers for a modern mother
For mothers who are always one step ahead and boast of always being the most trendy: bet on a bouquet of seasonal flowers such as tulips, bouquets with contrasting colors or a beautiful orchid in bright colors to decorate the house.


Flowers for a classic mother
If your mother has classic tastes and likes to show off her elegance, opt for a bouquet in white colors, a bouquet of roses of the best quality or a spectacular basket with seasonal hydrangeas that you can contemplate at home for much longer.


Flowers for a daring mother
Nothing gets in her way, she’s always willing to try new things and have fun mixing different combinations. Dare with a dendrobium orchid, a nice daisies. She will not forget it.


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