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Flowers for March 8th: Women’s Day

Tens of millions of colorful Ecuadorian and Colombian rose stems have been shipped on planes since the third week of February to reach markets around the world on time for the Women’s Day.

In this season, arrivals of approximately 10 daily cargo flights are scheduled with an average of 80 to 100 per plane that are moved to different parts of the world. According to Expoflores, for this 2019, an export growth of 7% is expected compared to the year 2018.

Women’s Day

The most demanded varieties in the world market during the Valentine and Women’s Day are, in general, the reddish tones, but those that stand out are the “Freedom” and “Explorer”, an intense red varieties.

For the floral export industry, the celebration of February 14 cannot be separated from March 8, the International Women’s Day, especially for the markets of the former Soviet Union.

70% of Ecuadorian flower sales during the January-March period are concentrated on Valentine’s Day and the remaining 30% on International Women’s Day, especially in Russia, Ukraine and other neighboring countries. In some countries, such as Russia, Women’s Day on March 8 is celebrated slightly different than in other countries. If most countries remember that there is still a need to achieve full equality between women and men – and all those women fight for their rights; in Ex-USSR countries, on the other hand, “Women’s Day” means that men give gifts to women, especially flowers, an cherish them as queens of spring, beauty, home care, family and love.

Women's Day

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