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Happy Florist’s Day!

July 24th is Florist’s Day!

Since 2009, florists of Russia celebrate a professional holiday of one of the most creative professions in floriculture.

July 24th is Florist's DayIt is believed that florist’s work was born during the period of Ancient Egypt, where flowers were used to decorate temples, palaces and noble houses. Later, the ancient Greeks developed the wreath’s weaving, bouquets composing and floral arrangements. Even in architecture, floral ornament became one of the hallmarks of a certain style. Later, in the era of Christianity in Europe, the tradition of giving bouquets of flowers appeared and consolidated. And, of course, such gifts were addressed primarily to women in recognition of their beauty, expression of feelings and love for them. Soon a bouquet of flowers in a vase became an ornament of the table and usual decoration of a room in the house.

July 24th is Florist's DayThe Florist’s Day has no official status among professional holidays in Russia, but a tradition has already formed to celebrate it every July 24th. It started in 2009, when the “florist” profession’s qualifications were approved. Florist’s Union of Russia developed the requirements for qualification, as well as the list of requirements for the skills and florist’s responsibilities. It happened on July 24, 2009. And since then, florists of Russia celebrate their professional holiday, exhibiting their best works. All those amazing floral art piece, designed to show people the beauty of the florist’s work, as well as to attract the attention of potential customers who are ready to please their loved ones, relatives and friends with a bright, colorful bouquet of flowers.

July 24th is Florist's Day

For High Control Group – a Florist is the main character in the floriculture services supply chain! As all the florists are the principal decision makers for any Wholesaler in any country, including Russia! Thanks to them, their art and talent – the main floral trends are created, and wholesalers try to fulfill the flower demand of the market.

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