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Mother’s Day – Trends in flowers 2019

Thanks to direct communication with our clients and the farms, flower suppliers, we have been able to determine what are the Trends in Flowers for this Mother’s Day 2019.

It is very clear, that all the flower load for this celebration has already been sent and is now being distributed in the florists of the countries that celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May each year.

Although red flowers are still the most popular, due to their traditional meaning of Love, other colors have also stood out this season:

White – being very versatile and universal, they look great in any flower arrangement. It is essential to remember that white flowers are the most prone to abuse. Any damage to the petals of this color is very evident.

Mother's Day

Coral – considered a very elegant color, it is much easier to find that color in roses (varieties). It is excellently combined with greens, example: eucalyptus. This creates a very sophisticated palette of colors, suitable to highlight the very special appreciation – the one that a mom deserves.

Mother's Day

Pink – a very delicate and tender color, best seen in peonies or hydrangeas. If your preferences are pink – keep in mind that pink varieties are very likely to get Botrytis. During this season has been a very extensive outbreak of this fungus, so some farms have preferred to lower the volume of pink roses for sale.

Mother's Day

Among the fillers, the most popular for the season have been: eucalyptus, limonium, solidago.

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