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Hardworking Women in Floriculture Industry

A very important aspect in the work and success of a farm is the social impact. Lots of years ago, child labor has been abolished so that the legally constituted farms do not hire children to work in the flower sector.

On the other hand, each hectare of flowers requires labor of at least 12 employees. More than 65% of those who work in the plantations are women. They belong to different urban and rural locations. That is to say, the floriculture sector employs mainly female labor.

Hardworking Women in Floriculture Industry

In the floriculture industry the skill and delicacy of the female employees allows the best assembly of bonches and buquets. In fact, this last product, which generates added value to the companies that export them, registers an important growth on world flower markets such as the US.

The flower industry has a form of mass production in which female operators plant, guide, weed, water, fertilize, prune, unblock
and in the postharvest they select, classify and assemble the bunches.

Employment opportunities for women in Latin America have increased dramatically in the last twenty years as a result of the growth of non-traditional agro-export industries. The floriculture is an example of this type of industry. And, like the other non-traditional industries, it has contributed to a marked increase in rural economic income and it has also led to important changes in gender roles.

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