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Ritual of flowers for the Chinese New Year

One of the most popular practices for the Chinese New Year, is to decorate the houses with abundant fresh flowers that attract the luck of all kinds, filling the environments with excellent and renovating energy.

In the West, these practices are also used to balance and take advantage of the benefits provided by these traditions. In 2019 you can start decorating with flowers on February 2, that is two days before the start of the New Year celebrations. As far as possible try using four different types of flowers to attract luck during the four seasons.

Ritual of flowers for the Chinese New Year

The most traditionally used are peach flowers, peonies, plum blossom or chrysanthemum, but you can also use others that are to your liking. It is essential that they stay fresh and get discarded as soon as they wither to prevent the formation of yin energy.

It is also very beneficial to place fruits, such as tangerines, kumquats or oranges placed in fruit bowls or other containers of your liking. These will fill your home with a wonderful vivifying chi provided by its beautiful golden tones that attract prosperity and abundance, especially during the New Year celebrations.

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