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Valentine’s Day, the high season of flower exporters

Exporters from Ecuador and Colombia, and especially flower growers, have a clear path that will facilitate foreign trade operations, especially in the great season of Valentine’s Day.

Although the climate has favored local production, the good offer of competing countries and the completion of tariff preferences in the United States, ATPDEA, are the factors that would mark the shipment of roses this year, according to flower growers.


Valentine's Day

On a visit to the facilities of the air cargo terminal at El Dorado airport to learn about the logistics process in the export of flowers organized by Asocolflores and the accompaniment of the Ministry of Agriculture, prior to the celebration of Valentine’s Day in which Colombian flowers are the protagonists. One of the strategies of the Foreign Trade Policy is the facilitation of trade.


Valentine's Day

Higher sales volume, but lower prices, is what the Association of Flower Producers and Exporters (Expoflores) estimates for the Valentine’s season this year, according to its owner, Alejandro Martínez.

Martínez assures, that when there is a lot of supply from both Colombia and Ecuador, the prices falls, unless the demand in the United States increases, although he pointed out that “each negotiation of each farm is independent”.

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