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Halloween celebration in Russia and Ecuador

Is there something peculiar about the Halloween celebration in Russia and Ecuador? Well yes! It is not a festivity in these two countries. Both reject it, because it is not national celebration, but some foreign tradition from abroad.

Halloween celebration in Russia and EcuadorIn Ecuador, they celebrate “Coat of arms of Ecuador” day. The shield was introduced after the victory of the liberal revolution of 1845, but then flanked by white-blue-white flags; which were then replaced in the reintroduction of the Tricolor flags. The coat of arms in its current form was approved by congress on October 31, 1900. (Wikipedia Article). Therefore, this national and patriotic celebration replaces strange “gringo” tradition. Though only on official level. Common people from high and mid-high class use this occasion to make costume parties, dress up their children and have fun by trick-or-treating in the neighborhood.

In Russia, on the other hand, they do not celebrate anything on October 31st. officially… Almost like in Ecuador – common people use this occasion for parties and special decoration, horror film premieres and dressing up.

Halloween celebration in Russia and Ecuador

We made a short Poll for the Halloween occasion in Russian Facebook – If you understand Russian – you may check it here directly:

The translation of the question and the options for Halloween Poll were:

Do you celebrate Halloween?

  1. Yes, it is an interesting festivity
  2. No, it is foreign rubbish
  3. No, but it is a cool excuse to dress up and party / make horror movie marathon
  4. Yes, I am a Celt
  5. Your option in the comments / check the results

You can clearly see the results. Moreover, let me tell you – all repliers were Russian-speaking florists.

In addition, here you have the translation of one of the comments:

I do not celebrate, because it is foreign rubbish (although this day has an interesting history). But this is a nice reason for florists to mind up some interesting decorations and arrangements.
A few years ago, we organized a cool floristic theme #Gothic style, i.e. the basis of the image of floristic works were something Gothic.
However, I do not accept this day as some kind of holiday.
Nevertheless, the atmosphere of the decorations sometimes evokes the desire to sit by the fireplace with a blanket and mulled wine and watch some mystical horror movie))

Halloween celebration in Russia and Ecuador

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