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Knowledge Day in Russia: flowers for Students and Teachers

Knowledge Day in RussiaKnowledge Day in Russia is often simply called 1 September. It is the Special Date, when the school year traditionally starts in Russia and many other former Soviet republics as well.

Knowledge Day originated in the now former USSR. This day also marks the end of summer and the beginning of autumn. It has special significance for the incoming class of first graders who come to school for the first time and often participate in a celebratory assembly on this date – the First Bell (Первый Звонок)!

First graders give lots of flowers to their first teacher. What are the most traditional flowers for traditionally September 1 bouquets?

Knowledge Day in RussiaThe special feature of a Russian buyer: he has certain tastes and preferences, even prejudices. Florists are fully up to the task of explaining to the buyer that it is possible to make a bouquet or a composition from any flowers and not worry if this is accepted or not accepted.

But one thing is sure – for Day of Knowledge bouquets there is one most important requirement – it must resist for a long time without water. Well, judge for yourself: first, an assembly, then lessons … Not always the teacher has the opportunity to put flowers in the water right at school. Very often the bouquet reaches the desired moisture only in the evening. So it is important to choose flowers that will bear this test.

Knowledge Day in RussiaThat is where High Control Group enters – as it is of vital importance to check the flower as soon as it was cut! If you are are buying Ecuadorian or Colombian roses – we will assure it is the best quality and freshness.

September 1 has an iconic cultural status in the Russian-speaking world and is immediately recognized primarily in connection with beginning of the school year.

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