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Mother’s Day in Russia

A well known festivity is coming this Sunday, November 25th, as they celebrate┬áMother’s Day in Russia ­čîŞ

All over the world, this date falls on different months and days. In some European countries, it is celebrated the last Sunday of May. The same in South America and USA.

Mother's Day in Russia
Mother's Day in Russia

In the ex-USSR countries, it was used to celebrate mothers along with sisters, wives, daughters, girlfriends and others on Women’s Day – on March 8th. However,┬ásince 1998, it was officially stated to celebrate this new festivity on the last Sunday of November. In addition to greeting cards, words of love and attention, mothers, of course, receive flowers.

However, November is a very cold month, and those who want to surprise their mothers with a beautiful bouquet are searching something resistant to cold weather. And often – roses will not do… The solution is quite simple!

Mother's Day in Russia

Chrysanthemums become a perfect gift. They come in a big variety of colors; they are resistant and very suitable for any kind of a bouquet. Ecuador and Colombia export lots of Chrysanthemums, and not only roses. Next time you look for something different, not usual, but still elegant – go for chrysanthemums! A winning option for sure!

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